Since its 2012 opening, coron continue to create its original bread with 100% Hokkaido wheat under long hours of low temperature fermentation.
Chef Shiga Katsuei, the industry-leading baker, is appointed as the Grand chef.
Coron is now reborn as boulangerie coron.

boulangerie coron Grand chef Katsukei Shiga

boulangerie coron Grand chefKatsuei Shiga

He was born in 1955 at Nigata.
He known as the pioneer of “long hours fermentation and baked lovingly at low temperatures” with Hokkaido wheat.
Also he known as boulanger making bread to bring out the flavor of the flour, for free approach to the material and manufacturing method , its own representation.

He has worked at Century bakery, Art Coffee, Artifagose, Juchheim and Fortnum & Mason.
From 2006, he opened Signifiant singnifie in Tokyo.
Now the shop is paying the most attention in Japan.

Signifiant singnifie

boulangerie coron chef Shinya Takasaki

boulangerie coron chefShinya Takasaki

He was born on 29th March, 1983 Kawasaki city, Kanagawa.
After graduation of bakery school, he worked at several shops and intended to become a baker.

He worked at Juchheim and studied under Chef Shiga.

He worked at Peltier, Fortnum & Mason and Juchheim die meister.
From Jan 2012, He started working at Signifiant singnifie.

He is young chef who takes over a famous store.


boulangerie coron has the specialists.

We suggest the way to best enjoy the delicious bread.
Please do not hesitate to approach our staffs for suggestion of matching wines or Cheese, or the way to store the bread.

Bread coordinator

Bread coordinatorRika Shimura

She acquired JPCA authorization Bread Coordinator Expert in Jun, 2014.

The world of the bread, there are variety of bread, many different ways of eating, better storage way, marriage with food, you can expand it in many ways.She became the coordinator of bread because of her enthusiasm in introducing the wonderful of bread.
She has been actively telling the world the charm of Hokkaido wheat not only at the shop of boulangerie coron, but also boulangerie fair in Hakodate (July, 2015), Hokkaido Pan Market in Tokyo (Oct. 2015) and so on.

Cheese professional

Cheese professionalKazuyo Hoshino

She acquired c.p.a authorization Cheese professional on Oct, 2008.

She joined “Bread association” in Tokyo.
She started studying the coordination of bread and cheese in order to enjoy to eat the bread.
She resigned as a laboratory technician and entered the world of the cheese.
She became wanting to know a better cheese can produce what kind of places. She stayed in France 1 moth and to meet many cheese producers.
Now, her dream and aim is to visiting all cheese producers in Hokkaido.


1. Using 100% Hokkaido wheat

The original bread of boulangerie coron are produced under long hours of low temperature fermentation.
In order to bring out the best flavor of the wheat, natural yeast was used and the bread was fermented for a longer time than usual under low temperature.
Only 100% Hokkaido wheat was used.

The more you chew on it, the aroma and sweetness of the freshly baked bread spreads in your mouth.
We believe that the ingredients that best match the bread are the ones of the same origin, hence we strive to use ingredients mainly form Hokkaido.
Our original bread is created through the harmony of the vast knowledge of the grand chef and Hokkaido foods.
From Hokkaido, we bring you the extraordinary taste of Hokkaido.

2. “Matured bread” which is suitable for champagnes or wines

Usually, bread is served for breakfast.
boulangerie coron offers bread that are goes well with champagne or wines.
You can enjoy it anytime you want, not only morning but also after work or snacking time.
Please do not hesitate to approach us, and we will be happy to recommend the best matches according to your preferences.

3. Hearty gift

Items here can be used for gifts or presents.
We have stylish gift boxes for the assorted bread or bread & wine set.
Please fill the gift box with your selected bread for persons you care.

4. Interiors with the feel of Hokkaido

Materials from Hokkaido was used for the interior of the store give a complete image of Hokkaido.
For example, we use diatomaceous earth, an eco-friendly material, from Wakkanai area of Hokkaido.
The display shelves for the bread are made of Japanese ash from Hokkaido.
The tables are made of Sapporo freestone from Ishiyama area in Sapporo.
All these created a ‘Hokkaido’ ambiance for the store.